Time & Materials

How an IT project can be estimated?

The question...

What is the most important thing at the beginning of the project for each and every client? Easy: how much time and money will need to be spent on the project?

...and the answer(s)

There are two ways of answering that question. Either to give a fixed estimate or to use the Time & Materials system. The fixed approach will give you an estimate of total costs and time at the very beginning of the project. Let’s use the example of building a standard wooden desk. We would know from the start the specifications: the size, the materials, what tools we'll use etc. Hence, a fixed estimation can be given ahead of the project and in the case of the wooden table, it would be pretty accurate in the end too.

Tricky IT

With IT projects however it is not so simple. Here we must think ahead and try to predict everything that can happen, both expected and unexpected (changes, new ideas etc). To give a fixed amount would mean including a buffer to ensure the project is still meeting deadlines & staying within budget (a buffer can be up to 100% in some cases).

T&M to the rescue

That’s where the Time&Materials system comes up with a more tailored approach. We guarantee that a dedicated team will work on your project: The team will not focus on anything else. You pay only for the actual working hours spent on developing your site/application. And most importantly: Time&Materials goes very well with SCRUM, another agile project management methodology that we use.


You have insights through each stage of the project, thus you see for yourself how the idea grows to be something real & clickable. You know exactly what are you paying for, and by being involved in the project as an insider, you also see how the work is progressing. This is a win-win to all.