MVP – Minimum Viable Product

What is MVP and why is it necessary?

Magic of MVP

Dropbox, Uber, Zappos - everyone know these giants. But do you know why they were able to become so powerful and influential? It's because they all started with Minimum Vialable Product: a product with the most basic set of features.

Reason behind it

MVP is as simple as it sounds: you start with the product that has only enough functions and features to attract the first adopters. No elaborate content, no complicated options. The further development is only designed and developed once all feedback has been considered.

Perks of simplicity

With MVP you can easily release your product to the market in the shortest time, keeping the implementation on the minimal level. It also allows you to test the demand for your product and see what works and what doesn't. To put it in other words: you will avoid big capital losses of having to change dearly a non-functioning product after 5 months of development.